We feel that the healthier your oral health choices become – the healthier you will become. The road to wellness can take many paths. We are here to support your health goals. Whether it is a more attractive smile, or restoring your ability to chew better, together we will identify the best way to achieve your goals. We will take on the role of your dental coach supporting as well as challenging you. There is nothing more important than your health.

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This website has been organized to cover several facets of our practice. Some people find us because we have a local and convenient practice in the heart of Hunterdon County, New Jersey. Yet some seek us out, because of our empathetic and caring attitude. Some patients rely on the technology that we have invested to give them confidence in the treatment they receive. There are those patients who are looking for a more natural, integrative, or holistic way to care for their oral needs.

This website is designed to help support which ever element you are interested in. In this part of the site we will introduce you to our team, and explain what is progressive dentistry.

Wishing you, and your family the best dental health!


Dr Jeff Oras and team!

About Dr. Oras

Dr. Oras A graduate of Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry, class of 1987. He started his practice in Whitehouse Station in the spring of 1990.

He is a member of the ADA, AGD, IAOMT, ALD. He lives wife his wife in Lebanon, New Jersey.